Lake Abbe

Lake Abbe Tour

Lac Abbeh tour gives you the chance to sleep in a surreal surrounding. You will sleep and wake up in a traditional hut. The sunrise reflected beautifully by the many chimneys that cover Lake Abbe. Before reaching this hot spot you’ll drive through the Grand Bara Desert. It is a superb place for taking pictures and during the tour there’s plenty time for photographing. This place can only be reached by a 4×4 WD Landcruiser and a guide. The environment has been used as a movieset for sciencefiction movies such as The Planet of Apes.


The program:

Day 1:

Early morning pick up

On the way drive through Grand Barra Depression

Break in Dikhill

Overnight stay at a traditional Afar hut in Lake Abbe Campement Touristique d’Asboley.


Day 2:

Early morning wake up to see the sunrise

Walk to the Lake and see the Chimneys, Flamingos and Hot Springs

Come back to the camp for breakfast

Drive back to Djibouti city.

* The tour can be best combined with a tour to Lac Assal. (for more information see Lac Assal)

  • Bring boots or shoes suited for terrain (hiking). Shoes can get dirty.
  • Sun protection and sunglass

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