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Tadjourah is the capital of one of the six regions in Djibouti. Located in the North-Central part of Djibouti it is also known as The White City. The Sultanate of Tadjourah has many white buildings and is a historic city. It was were the French colonization started when the sultan granted a piece of land to the French. Soon Djibouti City became the most important city of the country. Nowadays it serves as an important port and a fishing place.Tadjoura


Goda Mountains
One of the few green places in Djibouti are the Goda Mountains. With a height of 1750m it is an ideal place for hiking and spotting wildlife. The temperature is cooler and there are a few tiny villages scattered around. The Foret Du Ray ( Day Forest) which lies a couple of kilometres is also a green escarpment with wildlife and different plants.Goda Mountains

Moucha Island
Moucha Island is loved for its many diving and snorkeling possibilities. It has a beautiful underwater world with different fishes and coral reefs. Located in the center of The Gulf of Tadjourah it is the biggest Island in the country. There are bungalows, restaurants and a diving center on the Island. Maskali Island is another small Island near Moucha Island. The Islands can be reached by a boat tour from Djibouti City. For divers there are dive trips and snorkeling excursions offered by the diving center on the Islands.

Mousha Island


Plage des Sables Blancs (White Sand Beach)
Plages des Sables Blancs is closely located to Tadjoura and has a beautiful white beach for relaxation. It is a very popular place among tourists, expats and locals. For guests who would like to stay overnight to enjoy the sunset there are beach accommodations.

Plages des Blancs








Whale Shark Tour
If you happen to be in Djibouti between October and February then there’s a chance to encounter with the Whale Shark. These huge creatures don’t harm people and this makes it ideal to swim along them. You’ll take the boat to locate the spot where Whale Sharks are. Here you can swim with these big animals.

Whale Shark Tour Djibouti
*Note that the Whale Shark Tour is provided by one of the certified diving centers in Djibouti. with whom we work together with. Therefore it is important to let us know in advance if you would like to do such a tour. These diving centers have the knowledge and can advise about if they have spotted Whale Sharks to avoid disappointments. There is no guarantee seeing the Whale Sharks.