Lake Assal  

Lake Assal is a caldera Lake in Central-Western Djibouti. It is situated toward the end of Gulf of Tadjoura in the Tadjoura region of Djibouti, nearly 120 km West of Djibouti city. Located at 155 meters below sea level in the Afar triangle, the Lake is the lowest place in Africa. This alone makes it a marvelous stopping place for every tripper in the region.  

Due to high evaporation and no outflow, the lake is extremely salty. Despite conflicting theories explaining the origin of the lake, geologists say that it originally emanated from freshwater.   

In this part of the world, camels have played an important role in transportation during earlier times. East Africa is known for nomadic lifestyle of its ancestors, and in this region you can still experience what it was like to live like the nomads!  

The good news is that they are still part of the nomadic life that people stick to even to this very day. So, you could ride a camel and feel like to be in the 19th century while at same time enjoying the mystique of a modern life in the area. In Lake Abbé and Lake Assal you could also see other wild animals in these areas. For instance, you could see flamingos, and if you’re lucky enough, you could even catch a glimpse of the gerenuk or the giraffe gazelle.  

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