Lake Assal

Lake Assal Tour

Lac Assal is probably the number one tourist attraction in Djibouti. It is situated around 40 km from the capital and the literally meaning is ‘honey lake’. Nevertheless it is worth the trip and what you will see can only be described as magnificent. It is the lowest point on the African continent with 155 m under the sea level. That alone should be enough to visit this place. In history the Salt Lake has been used by many caravans and was a well-known trading place for different empires. These days you will still see some of these salt caravans collecting salt.


The Lake Assal tour can be best combined with a tour to Lac Abbe. Because of the distance it should take two days. For that reason it is better to combine with Lac Abbe since this is on route to Lac Assal. A two day tour to these two places is the best option and best value for money.


1 Day program:

Pick up from Djibouti City

Stop to see the Panoramic view of CANYON ADALEH

Stop to see the Panoramic view of GOUBET

Arrival at Lake Assal to see the the lowest point in Africa.

Drive back to Djibouti City.


If you choose for a combination with Lac Abbe the program will be:

Day 1:

Early morning pick up in Djibouti City

Drive through Petit Grand Barra Depression and Grand Barra Depression

Stop at Dikhill

Arrival and overnight at Lake Abbe Campement Touristique d’Asboley.


Day 2:

Early morning wake up to see the Sunrise at Lac Abbe.

Around one hour walk to see the Lake, Hot Springs, Chimneys and Flamingos

Breakfast at Lake Abbe

Departure for Lake Assal and pass by Dikhill

Arrival at Lac Assal

Drive back to Djibouti City before the sun goes under

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