2 Days Somaliland Hargeisa + Laas Geel Tour

An ideal tour for people with limited time. In 2 Days you will explore the capital Hargeisa and the surrounding areas. The capital is busy with markets, traffic and money exchangers on the strees. The visit to Laas Geel ancient cave paintings brings peace and serenity. The remote area has many animal paintings which date […]

6 Days Somaliland Highlight + Western Circuit

Explore not only the highlights but discover also the Western region of Somaliland. The Western circuit offers more cave painting sites that are accessible such as Dhagax Khoure and Dhagax Marodi. You will also pass small towns that are known for their agriculture and nomadic life style such as Gebiley, Arabsiyo and Borama.  

4 Days Somaliland Highlight Tour

The most popular tour for those visiting Somaliland. See the highlights of the country in a short time. Visit the central part of the country and discover the capital Hargeisa City, the incredible Cave paintings of Laas Geel, the beaches of Berbera Port and Sheikh Mountains in one tour.

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