Wonderful trip to Laas Geel
Abdullahi and Awale were both very responsive to initial emails, and helped fit me into a tight schedule. If I had more time, I would have loved to go to Berbera as well.

The trip to Laas Geel was great. Awale provided lots of background information on the cave art, and I learned alot about the history of the site and of Somaliland in general.

Somaliland is incredible, but it is virtually impossible to travel alone in the country. Somaliland Travel Agency opens up the country to visitors. The trip I took to Laas Geel was authentic and low-key, not the sort of “touristy” experience I typically associate with paid-excursions.

Overall, this is the company to contact if you wish to maximize your experience in Somaliland. Somaliland is a wonderful place, and its people have much to be proud of. I’m glad that I got to see Laas Geel, and only wish I had more time to see more of the country!

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