Great experience with Somaliland travel. I had signed up for a visit to Laas Geel, the camel market and the Hargeysa Central Market, in one day. Somaliland is safer than you think, but just be aware that as a woman you have to dress according to local custom: with a headscarf and a long wide dress that covers legs and arms completely (abaya).

The driver was on time and spoke good English. We first went to the camel market, a lively and colorful happening. In a comfortable Toyota Landcruiser we drove to the rocky landscapes outside the capital, to Laas Geel, with cave paintings estimated to date estimated to date somewhere between 9.000 and 3.000 yrs BC. It was an unforgettable experience. The driver guided us around and gave us historical backgrounds. In a place so peaceful, not flooded with tourists, we could just sit back and enjoy the scene. We then drove back to get a tour around the center of Hargeysa. There is something magical about the central market in Hargeysa, with all those colorful fabrics. We were offered tea with camel milk by a market vendor, was very tasty!

There was enough flexibility in the programme to cater for our special wishes, such as visiting the money exchange market and buying herbs and spices to take back to Holland. Overall a great experience, which I warmly recommend.

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