The group to use in Somaliland. 

With Ethiopia Air opening air service to Hargeisa, Somaliland, I was interested in going to this rarely visited place. After reading lots of reviews to determine whether it was safe, I started looking for a host. I found the Somaliland Travel Agency website, which I thought looked professional. I liked that its founder had lived in Europe, and that they responded to me within 24 hours. I decided to go with them.

The group was as professional as any travel agency I have worked with. When a change to my trip occurred 24 hours prior to arrival, they were flexible, and helped me with arrangements so I could still visit. I was met by Awale and driver after clearing Customs (bring a passport photo and $60 for your visa on arrival application.). We visited the camel market, downtown, including the money changer with bricks of money stacked high, other markets, and had a good meal.

At no time did I feel unsafe during my visit. Awale is professional and speaks excellent English. If you are seeking to visit Somaliland, I highly recommend using Somaliland Travel Agency as your organizer.

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