Superb Service
Having attempted to combine a journey to Ethiopia with one to Djibouti with a UK based agency I failed due to seeming disinterest on its part. This proved to be a blessing as I researched local agencies and happened upon Somaliland Travel.

The initial request was speedily answered and the detail made me select it from its competitors. All through the process I was impressed by the response time which was often almost by return. Help in obtaining a letter of introduction for the visa process astonished me. I asked one afternoon and received the letter the next morning.

Payment was clear. A deposit was taken by credit card or Paypal and the rest in zdjibouti in US dollars. The latter provided amusement as it was exchanged for local currency with a woman who touted a large money bag. Our guide had already phoned ahead for the transaction.

Our guide, Akrem, was excellent he took great care of us was punctual, knowledgable and friendly. He speaks a variety of languages and his English was fluent.

The trip was more than one to Lacs Abbé and Assal. He took in the geological highlights such as the point where the three tectonic plates are separating and pulling Djibouti apart. He also acted as a wildlife guide and we saw many species. We interacted with local villagers

Our driver was excellent. He made us feel safe. He knew the routes very well as he came from a village near Lac Abbé. His ability to drive on the rugged terrain was much appreciated.

Somaliland Travel offers value for money and great professionalism.

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