1 Day Djibouti Whale Shark Tour

Always dreamed about swimming with Whale Sharks? If you’re in Djibouti during the Whale Shark season (October – February) than use this opportunity to swim with the biggest fish in the world. These huge animals feed almost exclusively on plankton and small fishes, and pose no threat to humans.  During this 1 Day Tour you […]

3 Days Djibouti Tour Lakes and Tadjourah

Visit Lake Abbé, Lake Assal and the old town of Tadjourah on this 3 Days/2 Nights Tour. This is an one day extra extension from our 2 Days/1 Night Lake Abbé and Lake Assal Tour. The second night you will spend time in Tadjourah to see the old capital.

4 Days Djibouti Highlight Tour

This journey will cover the most interesting sites in Djibouti. From the Lakes, Ardoukoba Vulcano to the historic town of Tadjourah and more. The 4 days will give you just enough time to explore the most popular places in the country.

2 Days Lake Abbé and Lake Assal Tour

Ideal for travelers who have limited time to spend. In 2 Days/1 Night you will visit the two most interesting sites in Djibouti. Lake Assal is the lowest point in the African coninent. Lake Abbé is often used for shooting movies because of its remarkable scenery and landscape. There will be an early wake up […]

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